Photo: Katsuhito Nagatake

Katsuhito Nagatake
President & COO, Landscape Co., Ltd.

I am Katsuhito Nagatake, President of Landscape Co., Ltd.

I joined Landscape in 2000 and was appointed President in 2019. I have been involved in sales since joining the company as a member of the Sales Department. It was called the "Planning Department " when I joined, as it was more focused on planning and proposals than on selling products. That policy has been carefully maintained right to the present day.

I was a history department major in university, and my research field was ancient history. In the history department, we conducted months of research based on close readings of documents, derived hypotheses, accumulated evidence and collaboration for our hypotheses, and eventually developed theories. In essence, researching history was no different from the database marketing support business. We form certain hypotheses based on facts in the form of markets, clients, services, and tools and then put them to work in company activities. Assisting the construction of databases at the core of such marketing activities is what we do at Landscape.

Twenty years ago, when the company was smaller and had fewer employees than today, several people showed me unequivocally the importance of continually acquiring knowledge regardless of the nature of my work. I have fond memories of staying late into the night with mentors who were strict but who I could respect as people, talking passionately in front of a whiteboard about the future vision of the company and the tools and services we should build.

I have also been blessed to have great clients. In the early part of my career, because our main service was sales promotion, I was involved in campaign operations in the music industry and card promotion operations for an oil company. Through these experiences, I learned "who" to deliver information to and "how " to deliver it. Over time, we began to concentrate on fields where operational efficiencies could be improved and began offering "Customer Data Maintenance" and "Customer Data Analytics". This is how we were able to expand the business and start working with luxury brands, the multifunctional device industry, and the financial industry.

Landscape has instituted a "demand" system. Under this system, we invest our efforts into improving our products and services by listening to our clients' opinions, including what other companies call "complaints". I believe the many longstanding relationships we have with clients that are willing to speak up are a strength of our company.

No one can say with certainty what the future holds, and not just for Landscape. Nevertheless, we will pool together the talent of our customers and our employees, under the banner of co-creation, to give shape to this unpredictable future.