COMPANY INFORMATION COMPANY INFORMATION Corporate principles, Origin of company name

Corporate Principles

High performance, security, and privacy through the integration of the data.

Aiming at more secure and efficient information society

A database is a powerful tool to improve efficiency when it is operated in an appropriate manner.
However there are many obstacles to manage it securely and to pay attention to privacy protection while maintaining efficiency at the same time. It requires practical knowledge of database.

Landscape considers that one of the solutions is to centralize information under a trustworthy organization in order to provide the society efficiency, security and privacy.
It is what we are aiming for to become something like database bank which centralizes data and allows you to deposit and withdraw data safely anytime you want and to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Origin of company name

Landscape literally means "scenery".

We started our business in 1990. It was the dawn of internet and mobile communication and real IT era was just about emerging.

Our company name "Landscape" represents our aspiration to support our customers in the position of "scenery" just like the leading actor/actress (our customers) looks attractive in the great "background scenery" by centralizingproper nouns, making background sceneries for customers and ourselves to overlook the market and creating new scenes in Big Data society.