Privacy policy

Landscape has advanced security system structured to protect enormous database.

Certified privacy seal

Landscape received the TRUSTe Privacy Seal certified by a third party organization for privacy protection in August, 2005.

Installation of surveillance cameras

We have installed eight surveillance cameras to monitor any intruders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We keep video data recorded by surveillance cameras at least a month and manage log history.

Manage entries and exits

We have installed RFID card system on all doors, record entry and exit log and control access.

Safekeeping your data

When we safekeep your data, we issue "customer information safekeeping receipt and return document". We store the data in server with access restriction and store any media in a place that can be locked.

Access log management

We archive log record of Who did What to PC, HOW and When on a real-time basis.

Security checks by a third party

We have a third party organization check our security system (invasion check) on a regular basis.

Physical measures

We have disabled USB ports on all PCs to prevent USB adapters from being used. Additionally boxes of LAN lines are locked so that you cannot physically access data.

Employee training

We implement VeriSign certified information security training. All of our employees have been trained and certified.

  • Because of security reasons, we have not disclosed all of our security measures. If you have any questions, please contact us and we are happy to further explain to you.

Privacy supervisory manager

We appointed Shinichi Tokida in Personal Information Protection Division as privacy supervisory manager as of November 29, 2005.