Selected prospective loyal customers with high net worth out of 95 million consumer records

Marketing strategy for the super rich

High net worth individual market in Japan has significantly changed.

Many first class companies, whether they are domestic or foreign owned, has made a great effort to entice 1.82 million high net worth individual market*1

In 2008, the financial markets around the world collapsed and some people became more conservative in even allocating their financial assets to lower risk products from higher risk ones. Others, however, took an advantage of real estate market deterioration and purchased real estate properties at lower prices. Compared to corporates or fund management companies, they are much more active in investment.

There are many people in this class who had barely changed their behavior toward spending, saving and investing patterns. Typically those people have managed their assets investing in lower risk financial products over the time. You are sure to receive good responses by targeting these people with a proper marketing approach.

Landscape has collected, compiled and analyzed 95 million records of consumers since we started business. You can directly contact each and every millionaire with this database we have extracted what we consider to be high net worth individuals out of the 9.5 million master database.

If you wish to get results in marketing the upper class, please contact us.


*1 Source: Merrill Lynch-Capgemini

Feature of Upper class database

■Feature 1. Using multiple upper-class indicator.

andscape has made market segmentation based on the consumer attributes contained in the Landscape's consumer database using the three criteria such as occupation, type of residence, and consumer attriibutes specific to upper class. Each attribute is granted some points and segmentation has been made using cumulative points of these attributes. Following 4 classification are available to make further segmentation.

  1. Occupation
    Selection criteria: occupations below

    CEOs, Blue Chip Company board of directors (listed companies, multinational corporations), doctors/dentists, attorneys, CPAs, professors, condo owners/landowners, politicians, Buddhist priests, celebrities and such.

  2. Types of residence
    Selection criteria: area of residence/type of residence
    • ・Identify prime residential areas
      We extracted residential areas where high net worth individuals (high income tax payers, CEOs, others) live and sort in ascending order. Based on the number of households in statistics, we calculated the ratio of upper class residents and identified the prime residential areas. Then we have extracted the residents of these areas.
    • ・Identify luxury residential properties
      We extracted residential properties with large floor space in the areas of higher land appraisal value. Not applicable for rural areas because of land shapes.
    • ・Identify luxury condominiums
      We have identified condominiums with sales prices over 100 million yen or luxury apartments for rent and extracted residents of these properties.
  3. Attributes specific to upper class
    An attribute specific to the super rich is counted as one point and these points are added up.

■Feature2. Covers upper class market (2.10 million).

Target selection such as gender, age, stock tye or flow type is available. In addition, household level targeting is also available







12/10/2012 issue
Publisher: Nikkei Business Publications,Inc.

In the feature of "true identity of upper class consumer", the counts by Landscape's upper class database are introduced.

4/2/2012 issue (published on 3/12/2012)
Publisher: President Inc.

The ratio of billionaire out of total Japanese population, characteristics and distribution of average ages, occupations, residences and assets using Landscape's upper class database were inserted on the magazine.

Sunday Mainichi
11/6/2011 issue (published on 10/25/2011)
Publisher: Mainichi Newspapers

The special report features analysis on billionaires based on Landscape's upper class database.

Weekly Diamond
10/14/2006 issue (published on 10/10/2006)
Publisher: Diamond Inc.

Special report "Total analysis: New rich - the birth of new class" features Landscape's grade point system for our upper class database.

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FRI has adopted Landscape's upper class database and billionaire evaluation logic based on occupation and residency attributes as quantitative analysis in accordance with FRI's definition of "billionaire"