total of 95 million records - the largest consumer database in Japan

Characteristics of consumer database

What is IDB?

IDB stands for Integrated Database and all data is in array by address. You can search by multiple variables. For instance it is easy to extract "male at the age of 26 residing in Setagaya-ward". You can use not only address but your choice of variables including age and gender. It enables compound search and selection. You can remove all related individual records in the same household when mail is returned undelivered.

IDB stands for Separated Database and all data is divided into different files with attributes (list criteria) associated with each file. You can narrow down and extract the precise data for targets using detailed selection criteria.


About consumer database

Landscape has built the largest consumer database in Japan which contains 95 million records. This database is maintained using our unique methodology called IDB and SDB and is consistently updated.
Landscape has fully complied with Act on the Protection of Personal Information. We have a system called "Auto MPS" which automatically process the request to stop the use of personal information. We also have set up a department of personal information protection. There are many attributes to each consumer record but we neither collect nor deal with sensitive information. We are taking every possible measure to protect confidentiality.

Landscape's consumer database contains a wide variety of segment criteria and offers information helping your marketing activities. You can identify your prospects by search criteria, analyze your customers based on their segmentations and creating lists for direct mail and/or telemarketing.

About Landscape's consumer database

Compliant with the collection of consumer information regulations

Our data has been collected and maintained in compliant with privacy law. We do not own any data violating Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Sources of consumer information


We mainly have two data sources;

  1. We have collected data which is widely available to public (i.e. telephone directories, corporate director and public officer who's who)
  2. We have legitimately obtained data from consumer data owner companies upon legal agreements.

Consumer data by source

We can extract consumer records not only by geographic location or demography but also by data source to conform to your privacy policy.