SERVICE / SOLUTION SERVICE / SOLUTION Utilize customer data (data consolidation and data enhancement)

We will add more values to your customer database by consolidating data and appending attributes.

About utilization of customer data
(data consolidation and data enhancement)


Landscape can append our data attributes to your customer database by consolidating your data and matching against Japan's largest database we have.


By distinguishing usable data from unusable data, data you should approach from data you should not approach, it enables you to increase delivery rate, to approach more effective segments and to increase ROI for promotional campaigns.

The solutions we can offer

It is used to solve the following cases;

■ New customer acquisition

We have been using mass marketing for new customer acquisition but are not getting much result and need to review the cost-benefit analysis. We would like to directly approach to specifically targeted customers and increase efficiency of new customer acquisition.(Luxury fashion brand)

■ Existing customer retention

We would like to cultivate new customers acquired through mass advertisements and turn them into loyal customers. We would like to secure sales constantly instead of big sales from promotional discount campaigns. (General mail order company)

■ Activate inactive customers

Business has been going well by product renewal effects, however, we are having trouble with continuity and SG&A is pushing down profits. We would like to get inactive customers re-engaged. (Leading cosmetics mail order company)

Content of processing

  1. Remove duplicate records by customer data hygiene (data consolidation)
  2. → Increase the reach of direct marketing by deleting duplicates.
    → Avoid impairment of your brand image by sending repetitively.

  3. Standardize and remove inaccurate data by customer data hygiene (cleaning processing)
  4. → Decrease unnecessary approaches by scrubbing inaccurate data (standardization)
    → Decrease unnecessary approaches by deleting data which cannot be standardized.

  5. Customer segmentation by appending attributes to your customer database from Landscape's database.

Results of data hygiene process

It enables you to make customer segmentation in metrics using potential attributes rather than segmentation using single criterion such as sales.