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We offer our unique maintenance technology used to maintain Japan's largest database without stint.

About data hygiene (data cleaning/consolidation)

Data hygiene (data cleaning/consolidation) is the process of correcting inaccurate records and/or identifying duplicate records and then standardizing data which stored sporadically in the database. It reduces the workload of customer database maintenance which is required for marketing activities by keeping the database up-to-date and consolidating duplicate records of individuals, companies and households.

You can select target customers you should approach and implement an efficient promotional campaign by checking the validity of telephone number and residential status from geographical map information and by appending a wide variety of attributes of companies and consumers which Landscape holds.

Flow of data hygiene (data cleaning/consolidation) processing

Records with missing fields or in nonstandardized formats cannot be used for data analysis and are significantly less valuable. Landscape fully uses our unique logic in database building and a wide range of master databases, executes data hygiene (data cleaning/consolidation) and turns your customer database into more valuable one.

About master data

Master data is a single source of basic data used to standardize and cleanse different types of names (individuals and corporates), nationwide addresses, postal codes, and telephone numbers and to consolidate duplicate records.
Landscape maintains approximately 20 master databases including name master database, address master database, postal code master database and phone number master database and they are superb both in quality and quantity.
This master data enables highly automated data processing which is impossible with just programming logic.
Moreover you can use it for your marketing activities by appending new information such as telephone numbers utilizing our optional data of building master database, consumer telephone number master database and 7.5 million business information.

Data hygiene (data cleaning / consolidation) case studies

"Understand existing customers of each store"

Retail store chain operator "A" had estimated its duplication rate of 20,000 customer data is 12%. We cleaned their data and found out that the duplication rate was actually 30% and they can now properly manage each store.

"Accurate target strategies"

IT machinery manufacture "B" cleaned their data and corrected 32% of incomplete addresses and found 10% of invalid phone numbers, 18% of invalid fax numbers and 23% of duplicate records. It made easy for them to properly manage customers and plan out target strategies.

"Understand family members by data consolidation"

Company "C" reviewed their consumer sales planning in order to streamline their sales activities and decided they would focus on approaching to households. The problem was that they were unable to identify family members in one household. By processing data hygiene and consolidating data, they could identify family members and properly analyze data based on accurate customer information and improve efficiency in sales activities.

"Reduced undelivered DM and documents"

Company "D" sends out 200,000 mails a year. Their problem is that 20% (approximately 40,000) of the mails is returned undelivered. After processing data hygiene, 90% of undelivered mails, which is 36,000 mails, were rescued and contributed to cost reduction of about 2.88 million yen (36,000 x postage of 80 yen).

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