uSoner is the engine
that drives the business

We offer support from the
"environment" for
(1) Core Systems, (2) SFAs/MAs, and (3) Digital Ads

uSonar assists digital transformations (DX) by integrating the data you hold with our rich business dataset (LBC)

By supplementing gaps in your customer data and integrating your data with data you do not hold, uSonar lets you accurately determine the status of each company and its relationship with your company.

uSonar centralizes data management through connectivity with CRM / SFA, MA, and many other tools

uSonar synchronizes your customer data stored on various tools to automate updating relocations, company name changes, and other data maintenance.

Data connectivity middleware
Asteria warp
Customer management systems
Core systems
Salesforce sales cloud
(Lightning Experience、Salesforce Classic)
Dynamics 365
Salesforce pardot
ORACLE eloqua
Business card management
Phone Appli
Digital marketing
Adobe Analytics
Google Analytics

uSonar is packed with functions that advance DX


sideSonar is a lead-generation enhancement tool that links Japan's largest business database containing 8.2 million business locations with CRM / SFA tools such as Salesforce.com's Sales Cloud. sideSonar dramatically boosts the efficiency of sales activities by complimenting CRM and SFA functions with the ability to search and view information on companies and determine their approach statuses. It also simplifies data entry and name matching and displays companies accessing the client's website in real time.
Pinpoint target lists can be created by combining multiple search conditions

Data Maintenance

In addition to automated processes, human checks ensure data collection and integration accuracy

Data Content

Access to numerous company lists pre-packaged by theme
Access to unique industry classifications specialized for marketing use
Collect data on personnel and view associations with company information
View press releases and other media-published information
erify whether a company has been involved with anti-social forces, been subject to administrative penalties, or otherwise deserves to be treated with caution
Check which companies are located in the same building

Digital Marketing

Possible to deliver ads to only companies targeted for marketing and exclude current customers
Determine in real time which companies have accessed your owned media
Score and judge a company's prospects as a customer based on daily accumulated data

Business Card Management

We provide a smartphone app for registering business card data and accessing uSonar information
Meishi Shogi (Business Card Shogi)
Business Card Shogi is a function to manage business cards, including representatives whose business cards haven't been received. The app arranges information on representatives like tiles on a shogi board, and line thicknesses and color transparencies indicate communication statuses. This makes it easy to visualize who has not been contacted yet and how to reach important people you wish to contact.

Note: Business Card Shogi is an original function developed under exclusive license to patents pertaining to business cards owned by Ricoh Co., Ltd. (Patent Nos. 6299498, 6614255, 6369140, 6683219, and 6550810)


Get a visual overview of the current status and trends in industries of interest

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