The largest business database in Japan, total of 8.2 million records (11 million cumulative)

Landscape has collected comprehensive business information and developed unique management system. Total number of businesses in the database is 8.2 million (11 million cumulative) and it is the largest business database in Japan.

Landscape's Business Information Database contains information on over 8.2 million companies and entities along with various attributes. You can also identify corporate family relationships easily.

It can be used in multiple ways from new customer acquisition to management and analysis of your customer database, and horizontal sales expansion.。

Characteristics of Business database

1.Comprehensive coverage of businesses in every form

Landscape's 8.2 million business database covers all forms of companies/entities from registered headquarters to branches, local offices, agencies, small stores, factories and government offices/public organizations.

2.118 predefined attributes

Landscape maintains up to 118 attributes per record including company name, industry, address, and telephone and fax numbers.

3.Corporate family linkage for your marketing strategy

Landscape has assigned unique company codes, Linkage-Business-Code (LBC), to all of 8.2 million business records we own. LBC enables to identify the relationship between different companies within a corporate family, such as headquarters/branch or parent/subsidiary relationships.

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